We are a Non-Profit Civil Association, legally registered in the Public Registries of the country as well as in the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration – SUNAT.

We have a Board of Directors directed by its President Nancy Rocío Arce Cortez who, together with her associates, organize the people who work in the home and take care of young mothers and minors, who are in a state of abandonment and / or social risk, referred by the Courts, Prosecutors or Ministry of Women-DIT of the department of Cusco and adjacent departments that request the service.

Munay-Ki Home, within the framework of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and in compliance with the Code of Children and Adolescents, adopts the measures of protection and attention to this vulnerable and high-risk sector, and in accordance with Law No. 29714 that regulates the CAR Residential Care Center.

Why are we doing this?

Humanity is in need as never before of people who can create hope in a new dawn, in a new innocence, in a new childhood, initiative, sensitivity, creativity, kindness, joy and love are feelings that we want to share, help people It is an act that improves the quality of life in general, giving and sharing are acts that charge people with positive energy, in addition to bringing light to the world we live in and that we want, to live in a better world full of peace Children are the factor of change, that’s why and much more we are in this great work.

Our values

MUNAY-KI HOME focuses on justice, awareness and empowerment of women.

Transparency is one of our values, which is why we consider that our beneficiaries, collaborators, funders and the public in general have the right to be informed in a timely and truthful manner about the management and destination of available resources, which is why we make all our financial statements available audited and information on the distribution of funding from our donors.