Current situation

In Peru there is a Silent Pain and there are the alarming figures of rapes against girls and adolescents; According to official figures, every day 10 members of this population are victims of sexual violence, an evil that results not only in psychological and physical traumas, but also in pregnancies and school lags.

This information is offered by the Ministry of Women, but the numbers could be worse, since there is a “underreporting” of the situation, and “not all cases of sexual violence are reported or reach the state system”, precisely because the The aggressor is usually present in the family environment or the educational community.

The protection policies issued by the State through its Ministries do not contemplate the physical spaces of refuge for these victims, which are severely exposed to other risks such as human trafficking and / or child labor exploitation.

The Role of the Family and Society

Nowadays it is very common for parents to take refuge at work and have less time to devote to their children and make family life. Dysfunctional families are present at all socioeconomic levels, children are alone, there is no communication and they are very vulnerable to dangerous situations.

The Church and Other Aids

There are some (very few) private organizations that with foreign funding help this vulnerable population, the Catholic Church also makes efforts to collaborate but is not enough for the great demand.

Our Commitment

Joining efforts and organizing public and private entities, national and foreign, we can generate an opportunity for recovery and reintegration of these young mothers in a better future.